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MBBS In Nepal

Why is MBBS in Nepal a Good Decision?

  • No Donation
  • No IELTS
  • No TOEFL
  • No VISA
  • Recognized Degree.
  • Affordable Fee.
  • Excellent Environment
  • High-Quality Education
  • MCI Approved Colleges.

Nepal is the nearest neighbor to India and possesses harmonious relations with India. It has been a long time, Indian students are studying MBBS in Nepal, and the majority of students are from Northern India. The most important thing is that several MBBS professors in Nepalese medical colleges are from India. It is possible to get direct MBBS admission in Nepal through hassle-free services of Eklavya Overseas.

If you have been upset of puzzled MBBS admission procedure in India, then MBBS in Nepal would be your preferred destination for medical studies. Eklavya Overseas Education Consultant would guide you to direct MBBS admission in Nepal. You don’t need to pay any donation or capitation fee; even you are free from the long and chaotic admission process in India. Get MBBS admission in Nepal in the best Nepalese medical colleges within your pre-allocated educational budget. Certainly, MBBS programs in Nepal are official in India after succeeding in the MCI screening exam or FMGE test finishing your medical course in Nepal.

Best MBBS Colleges in Nepal

Birat Medical College & Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar
Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan
Devdaha Medical College, Bhutawal
Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara
Janaki Medical College, Janakpur
Kist Medical College, Patan
Lumbini Medical College & Research Center, Palpa
Manipal College Of Medical Sciences, Pokhara
National Medical College, Birgunj
Nepalgunj Medical College, Nepalgunj
Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar
Universal College Of Medical Science, Bhairwa

It is always important for the MBBS students to select the best medical colleges in Nepal for starting their journey of MBBS courses in Nepal and here we are also signifying the best medical colleges in Nepal. MBBS in Nepal moreover could be a realistic selection for Indian MBBS aspiring students because the medical programs in Nepal are affordable. If you are looking for low-fee overseas MBBS programs, study MBBS in Nepal might be a preferable choice for you. Career Maker guides to the MBBS admission in Nepal for Indian aspiring college students.

The course duration of MBBS in Nepal is around five and a half year. The early years are theoretical classes and last few years are about basic and practical education of medical sciences. The last year, MBBS students are mandatory to go for an internship in clinics or hospitals of the medical colleges. Even these internships help MBBS students of recruiting in the better profession. The student who has passed higher secondary (10+2) from science stream is entitled to get MBBS admission in Nepal.

Getting MBBS admission in Nepal is vital for MBBS aspirants to meet stipulated criteria asked by the medical colleges and universities. The entrance exam for MBBS in Nepal is all about meeting the eligibility criteria.

MBBS is completely an expert degree that might stimulate your expert development. There are hundreds of things that draw the attention of world college students to Nepalese medical university to study MBBS in Nepal. MBBS admission in Nepal is all approximately great medical training, multi-social interaction, and up-to-minute medical training. The Nepalese medical colleges are esteemed and have great teaching method.

Count on which you have a foreign MBBS degree; you would be in all likelihood venerated with an all-inclusive obvious MBBS degree sanctioned with the resources of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and one of a kind prestigious medicinal governing bodies. Being a medical expert involves duty in itself and MBBS Admission in Nepal might also keep you update with the inclination to carry your capabilities.

anticipate that you have a foreign MBBS degree; you will be probably commemorated with an all-inclusive obvious MBBS diploma sanctioned with the assets of the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and one among a kind prestigious medicinal governing our bodies. Being a clinical professional includes obligation in itself and MBBS Admission in Nepal may additionally maintain you replace with the inclination to carry your competencies.

During MBBS in Nepal, you get the majority of medical universities and colleges are acknowledged through the MCI and the WHO. They provide a wonderful doorway for Indian university students. It’d sound thrilling, but it’s true that the MBBS fee in Nepal is less than the cost of MBBS in India.

The governing authority of India has made the NEET compulsory for all students attempting to peruse MBBS in India or MBBS in overseas. It’ll likely to be the crucial necessities for MBBS admission to undergraduate medical programs (i.e., MBBS) in any medical university in Nepal or other overseas locations. Admission for MBBS in India from non-public universities might be exorbitant and offers no surety of profession balance and even education standard. MBBS in Nepal in Nepalese MBBS University is substantially low priced and assures universal career blessings.

MBBS in Nepal for global college students is surely a well worth as they’ll get the location of wonderful infrastructure, modern-day library, advanced college rooms, and other academic amenities. Nepalese medical colleges and universities supply well-known social gatherings, international conferences for medical aspirants. The medical faculties moreover educate and propel the students from eminent medical examiners belonging to the supreme medical industry.

Indian students are constantly keen on getting admission for MBBS in Abroad and Nepalese MBBS degree is a super choice for Indian students. All MBBS students keep a preference of comprising perceived certificates for their professional modules. Actually, perusing MBBS in Nepal promotes more appeal collectively with successes.

Explore MBBS in Nepal

About Nepal: The Republic of Nepal (Federal Democratic) is a country in South Asia surrounded by land and situated in the region of the Himalayas. The country shares its border with India, China, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. It has diverse geography that includes fertile plains, sub-alpine forest hills, and eight tallest mountains in the world like the Mount Everest. The estimated population of Nepal is about 26.4 million. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu and also the largest city in the nation. It is a multiethnic country and Nepali is its official language.

Living standards in Nepal:

The expectancy for everyday comforts in Nepal is above satisfactory level since the country is witnessing the proper economic improvement having an excellent combination of heavy industry, agriculture, natural resources and power engineering and plenty more others that anticipated the economic improvement of Nepal. MBBS in Nepal can inspire you with the necessities and solace which might be required for higher medical education.

Professional Orientation after MBBS in Nepal: Nepalese Medical Colleges and Universities are recognized by the WHO and MCI and different global professional medical governing bodies. All these things make MBBBS in Nepal special for medical graduates subsequent to getting an MBBS degree from Nepalese medical universities.

Medical graduates can select additional schooling or exercise their clinical profession in private health clinics or join any hospitals to practice their profession. Recently, the Indian medical industry has additionally signified a noteworthy improvement and attracted the aspiring young generations to make their profession as professional physicians in India. The medical career in India is viable for foreign medical graduates in the event that they qualify for the MCI screening examination conducted by the NBE. Furthermore, if the Indian students having the MBBS degree from Nepalese medical schools and they want to develop their medical career in India, they require clearing the FMGE exam for undertaking the clinical focuses at clinics or health facilities in India.

Opportunities in India after MBBS in Nepal

The medical graduates from MBBS colleges in Nepal have the top facts regarding the medical social and behavioral sciences and also they discover the importance of medical education and the regards in society as expert doctors.

Indian MBBS graduates who have completed their medical graduation programs in Nepal can craft a remarkable career in India, however, they need to qualify “Foreign Medical Graduates Examination” usually referred as Exit Exam, FMGE exam is also known as the MCI Screening Test. In a matter of fact, there’s a law of the Indian Government that MBBS graduates who have finished their MBBS degree from overseas locations, required to qualify the Exit Exam conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE) of India to enroll in the Indian Medical Council (MCI). The Exit Test is conducted twice annually (June and December) by the NBE.

It has been the better choice for global medical applicants who are seeking low-cost medical schooling in foreign countries. Numerous aspiring students are opting MBBS in Nepal for their medical studies in foreign countries, especially within the Asian location. Nepal is fortifying its presence amongst international MBBS candidates. In case you want to study superior medical programs and earn knowledge, MBBS in Nepal could be one of the first-class alternatives for you.

Indian MBBS students are presently deciding on MBBS in Nepal and widely recognized foreign education destinations like MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in China, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and other MCI advocated medical schools.

Indian MBBS students are presently deciding on MBBS in Nepal and broadly recognized foreign schooling locations like MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in China, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and different MCI recommended medical schools.

Opportunities in Nepal and Other Countries

Indian MBBS students who own the foreign MBBS degree from Nepal can likewise upgrade their medical career in India or different international places since the Nepalese MBBS programs are lots appeared across the globe. Studying MBBS in Nepal guarantees Indian MBBS aspirants to rehearse their medical career in Nepal at private or public hospitals subsequent to having the work permit from the Nepalese Government.

Other Significant Information for MBBS in Nepal

Syllabus: The MBBS programs in Nepal are identified by the MCI and the WHO. The curriculum of MBBS in Nepal generates the potential of professionalism into MBBS aspirants. MBBS in Nepal follows the combined philosophy of studying overseas MBBS; therefore, the Indian MBBS aspirants ought to be about securing approximately the authenticity and validity of the medical curriculum in Nepal. The MBBS in Nepal is authorized by;

MBBS Fee in Nepal: The cost of MBBS in Nepal is affordable and may be controlled constant with your variety. In reality, the format of medical education and living cost in Nepal is the key element when it comes to taking the selection of pursuing MBBS in Nepal. A Low-priced education and MCI approval make MBBS in Nepal a tremendous desire to study medicine. MBBS in Nepal is low-cost and a 6-yr curriculum including internship.

Language in Nepal: Nepali is the official language of Nepal and other recognized regional languages are Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Doteli, Gurung, Bajjika, Kiranti, Limbu, Maithili, Magar, Newar, Sherpa, Tamang, Rai, Tharu, and Urdu. Almost every ethnic group speaks Nepali in Nepal. Most MBBS Universities or colleges in Nepal offer MBBS programs in their regional languages, but a number of them offer bilingual MBBS packages, especially in the English language. You could not be concerned about the language issues in the MBBS universities recommended by Eklavya Overseas Education Consultant. We advocate the MCI accredited medical schools delivering MBBS programs in English medium.

Availability of INDIAN EMBASSY: Indian Embassy is available in Nepal and helps you like one in all your dependable buddies. Indian Embassy in Nepal guides and protects the Indian MBBS college students in every state of affairs.

Safety of Global Students: Before applying for MBBS admission in Nepal, you should read the reviews posted by Indian students about their experience, who already studying MBBS in Nepal. Additionally, you may ensure the position of Nepal in safety and crime rate against overseas students during studying MBBS in Nepal. All these points are useful to Indian students applying MBBS in Nepal.

Admission Procedure:

Career Maker will take you through an easy admission technique for MBBS in Nepal and perform every step of admission carefully. You merely need to bring the following document to us.

In addition, medical schools in Nepal may demand additional documents.

We assure your admission to medical universities in Nepal if you;
  • Qualified higher secondary (10+2) in science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) or equivalent
  • Have over 50 percent marks in higher secondary examination
  • Aged over 18 years

Eklavya Overseas is the novel platform offering the low-cost MCI approved medical colleges in Nepal for Indian students. We provide direct admission for MBBS in Nepal at inexpensive fees.

Application Procedure and details for Studying MBBS in Nepal

Having an excellent rating in higher secondary examinations can give you the opportunity to obtain the scholarship in Polish medical universities. The scholars and their parent require registering overseas MBBS seats on time and throw the rest to us. We set up admission assistance for duly admission procedures to your departure from Nepal for studying MBBS in Nepal. You may rely on us for overseas education consultancy regarding various details of overseas universities.

Here, we are signifying some easy steps to guide you the application procedure for MBBS in Nepal. We shall assist you at every step.

  • Fill the application form/or get it filed by us online
  • Submit the scanned copies of your passport, and other necessary documents
  • Collect the admission letter from the university (Within 10 working days)
  • After the confirmation of admission, the immigration procedure shall be started
  • Visit the Embassy of Nepal in Delhi after receiving the invitation letter (within one month)

Our Assistance:

We at Career Maker, being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants assists medical aspirants in getting the low-cost top universities in Nepal for MBBS. We provide following supports for admission in the medical colleges Nepal and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study in Nepal.

What We Do For You

  • Training Centre/ Coaching for FMGE or the Screening Test of MCI (Online): We have a list of the best training center or coaching institutes that can guide you about FMGE or the Screening Test of MCI after completion of your MBBS degree from MCI approved Universities. We register & book your seats FMGE training institutes to ensure guaranteed success in the Screening Test of MCI.
  • We provide authentic study notes for FMGE Test Series in order to ensure your accomplishment in the Screening Test of MCI.
  • You can trust on Eklavya Overseas when it comes to reliable educational counseling MBBS in Nepal in 8 countries, including best medical universities for Indian students in Nepal.
  • We provide university selection assistance to select cheap and best universities in Nepal for MBBS as well as provide admission assurance in MCI recognized MBBS college in Nepal
  • We help with the documentation and VISA application including Embassy stamping & Ministry approval.
  • We assist in translating the academic documents, and notarization. Experience zero rejection on VISA approval
  • We provide safe travel equipped with insurance to the Universities.
  • We provide suitable and affordable accommodation in Nepal.
  • Help in further counseling for overseas education when you complete your MBBS Degree in Nepal, like if you want to continue your Post-Graduation program in medicine. We make you understand the various PG Program in Medicine offered by international medical universities.

Hope we could cater the information you are looking for and competent enough to satisfy your quest to MBBS in Nepal.

Feel free to contact us to know more about MBBS courses all over the world. Eklavya Overseas can be your reliable companion and trusted ally for all admissions related information on MBBS in Nepal programs. We are the authorized envoy of MCI Approved MBBS Universities in Nepal for the students hailing from upper mentioned nations for the year 2017-18.

Career Maker is successfully carrying its crown of the #1 Best Overseas Education Consultant in providing the accurate guidance to the youth medical applicants in India through consulting the knowledge.  We let you find the premium overseas MBBS destinations like MBBS in Russia | MBBS in China | MBBS in Kyrgyzstan | MBBS in Ukraine | MBBS in Philippines | MBBS in GeorgiaMBBS in Armenia and MBBS in other Foreign Countries.

Our expert education counselors assure you for the guaranteed admission in MCI approved MBBS Colleges offering English Medium MBBS course at affordable MBBS fees.

Feel free to register your overseas academic seats to Study in USA, Study in UK, Study in Canada, Study in New Zealand or Study in Australia and select the suitable foreign academic destination.


Nepal Population State Wise

Rank Region Population
1 Kathmandu 975,453
2 Pokhara Lekhnath 414,141
3 Lalitpur 284,922
4 Bharatpur 280,502
5 Biratnagar 214,663
6 Birgunj 204,816
7 Ghorahi 156,164
8 Janakpur 153,614
9 Hetauda 152,875
10 Dhangadhi 147,741

Source: Wikipedia

nepal mbbs college list

13 + 9 =

career maker aborad

KU total MOE seats

  1. Kathmandu Univeristy Medical School
    • MBBS Seats: 75  MOE scholarship: 2 seats
  2. Kathmandu Medical College
    • MBBS: 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  3. Nepal Medical College
    • MBBS: 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  4. Manipal College of Medicine
    1. 115 ( MOE seats=12)
  5. Nepaljung Medical College
    1. MBBS – 115 seats  ( MOE seats=12)
  6. College of Medical Science, Bhairawa
    1. MBBS -115 seata ( MOE seats=20)
  7. Lumbini Medical College- MBBS: 100 seats (MOE seats=10)
  8. Devdaha Medical College – MBBS seats 24 (MOE seats=2)
  9. Birat Medical College: MBBS : 75 seats  (MOE seats=8)
  10. Nobel Medical College: MBBS: 100 seats (MOE seats=10)

Total Scholarship seats

  • Total seats=100
    General= 55

1.NEPAL ARMY  Medical College – MBBS seats 115  MOE Sholarship: 12
2.KIST Medical College: MBBS seats: 110.  MOE: 11
3.Chitwan Medical College:  MBBS seats 115.   MOE: 12
4.Universal College Medical Science. MBBS seats 115.  MOE: 12
5.Gandaki Medical COllege: MBBS seats: 90. MOE: 9
6.Nationa Medical College ,Birjunj. MBBS seats 115.  MOE: 12
7.Janaki Medical College . MBBS seats 80. MOE: 8

    GENERAL(55%)= 42


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