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The admission process for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students 2018 is made very simple by Career Maker. The direct admission for top Kyrgyzstan  MBBS university is now available on-line. The only thing that you must take care is the timing of the application. If you apply within the application deadline, there is absolutely no problem to complete the admission process. You would depart by 1st week of September to study MBBS at top medical university in Kyrgyzstan . MBBS in Kyrgyzstan admission 2017 season is already on. With the current competition in NEET 2017 exams, it is suggested to reserve a medical seat. You just need to finalize from the list of Kyrgyzstan medical universities.

The On-line and direct admission system ensures complete transparency for the Indian students applying for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan . The  students are able to track the entire admission system progress through our latest technology “SATS”. A completely hassle free admission to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is now available for Indian students!

Why MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

The lowest cost medical programs for Indian students is available at MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. At the total cost of below Rs. 12.00 Lacs including the fees structure and hostel accommodation. The Kyrgyzstan MBBS program can be completed within 6 years. Basically, totally 5 MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are available. Another upcoming medical institution namely IMI Academy is expected to get the MCI approval very soon. In earlier days, the Kyrgyzstan was a part of former USSR. Further, it split from modern Russia in 1991.

The Kyrgyzstan is sandwiched between of China and Kazakhstan. The Indian students feel comfortable in Kyrgyzstan. Because the weather is almost similar to colder Indian cities in North India. Also, the cost of living is slightly lesser than India. For Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad must definitely consider choosing a top university from the Kyrgyzstan medical university list. There is a very small list of MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. In comparison with MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is more economical for students who want to pursue their MBBS in abroad. The MBBS fee in Kyrgyzstan is very affordable to Indian students and is considered to be one of the few countries who offer MBBS with less fees in the world.

The main religion of the people of Kyrgyzstan is Islam. There are around 83% of the population follows Muslim religion. However, the people follow the Russian culture. It culturally accepts Indian students from all the religion go to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. Studying at any top MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan would assure students a good medical career ahead. Just like the Russian MBBS degree in India is valuable, the MBBS degree from Kyrgyzstan is also highly valued in India. However, it is important to study at the oldest and top-ranked Kyrgyzstan medical college – Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy. This university is based in the capital city of Bishkek. The CEO of MOKSH, Mr. Dhananjay Shah had visited the city and various medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.


The most noteworthy factors attracting the Indian students get attracted due to such as:

  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan has a Lowest cost/fee structure in the world – Around Rs. 1.60 Lacs / year.
  • Hostel costs are very low as compare to another country. The Cost is around Rs. 30,000 per year.
  • The Costs of Living is around Rs 6,500 per month (Fixed US$ 103) including Food (2 Meals), laundry as well as Room cleaning.
  • Indian food is also the reason for the students to choose MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.


Your Budget (Rs) Suggested Country Career Maker Recommended University
10-15 Lacs  Kyrgyzstan  Kyrgyzstan State Medical University
15-20 Lacs  Russia ( B Grade )  Crima State Medical University
20-30 Lacs  Ukraine  Ivano-Frankovsk Medical University
China ( B Grade )  Nanjing Medical University
China ( B Grade )  Jilin University
30-40 Lacs Russia ( A Grade )  Pirogov Russia NRM University
 China ( A Grade ) Huazhong University of Science & Technology
40-60 Lacs  Poland University of Lodz
65 Lacs above  USA Spartan Health Science University
65 Lacs & NEET Qualified  India  Indian Private Medical Colleges


The students can choose any of the low-cost MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan. Also, the Students can study MBBS in English medium. Also, There are around 5,000 Indian students study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at these medical colleges.

  • Kyrgyz State Medical University, Bishkek.
  • Osh State Medical University, Osh .
  • Jalalabad Medical University.
  • Asian Medical Institute, Kant 
  • International School of Medicine (ISM), Bishkek.
  • IMI Academy, Bishkek


Generally, the students should get in touch with overseas education consultants and try to understand your options. However, slowly, the students take most of the information from the popular website such as MOKSH and apply to study MBBS abroad at top-ranked universities. For MBBS Kyrgyzstan, you may choose various universities from below.

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Osh State Medical Academy Asian Medical Institute
 kyrgyz-state-medical-academy  osh state medical university  asian-logo
Fees 1.98L/year  Fees 1.35L/year Fees 1.35L/year
Duration 6 Years Duration 6 years Duration 6 years
Apply By 15th Jul Apply By 31th Jul Apply By 31th Jul

The most recommended one among them is Kyrgyzstan State Medical University (KSMU). The other low cost MBBS Kyrgyzstan option is Asian Medical Institute which has the high number of Indian students in Kyrgyzstan. The medical studies at Asian Medical College and the International medical university of Kyrgyzstan are slowly getting popular because of Indian Food. However, MCI Test coaching is still an issue and you need to take the online coaching for FMGE provided by us. You can definitely call up MOKSH to get your medical seat!


Generally, All the medical colleges offer programs with 6 years course duration in Kyrgyzstan. However, Only ISM, Kyrgyzstan (Remember, it is a private college, so not suggested by MOKSH) offers 5 years course duration.Osh State medical university Kyrgyzstan and Jalalabad medical university Kyrgyzstan along with an International school of medicine Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan are some of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Russia fees for Indian students 2017 is higher than Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy fee structure. Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy is one of the top rated university of Kyrgyzstan. It is suggested to choose government medical colleges to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan is a private college and is probably cheaper that to study MBBS in Russia Moscow.


  • Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course
  • Hostel accommodation for the entire course
  • Food and Living cost through the  5 or 6 years medicine course in Kyrgyzstan
  • Miscellaneous Costs including Resident permit extension, Medical Insurance, Text Books etc.

We represent more than 41 Medical universities from various countries. However, these are TOP 10 Universities from suggested on various parameters. Let us understand the program carefully.


In order to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan, generally, the Indian students just need to reserve the medical seat by July end. The time taken from application to departure for MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan is 8-10 weeks. But, the student can apply later if the seats are available. The Indian students are required to enter Kyrgyzstan for MBBS by 20th August. Probably, the students who reserve their seats early are able to make it successfully to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan

ELIGIBILITY to get Admission in Kyrgyzstan Medical Universities.

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