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Being the largest country by area, China is also the most populous country in the world and its history dates back over 6,000 years. From the ancient, ‘The Great Wall of China’ to the bustling cities and as the largest manufacturer of electronics in the world at the most affordable prices, China is considered as a master in diverse fields. China is also a leader in worldwide tech industries which include computer technology, space tour, and information technology. Chinese urban transportation plays a critical role in the development of China. With enhancements in the road construction, more commodious transportation structure has assisted in the country’s logistics for a flourishing economy apart from the upgraded domestic conveyance for the convenience of the inhabitants. Public buses, taxies, bicycles are the most common ways to commute. Moreover, Railways and Airways already have a gigantic network which connects every Chinese city with each other and with the world. According to UNWTO, tourism alone generated over $40 billion revenue in 2011. Consequently, China has become the third most visited country in the world that manifests its popularity in the world and makes tourism a burgeoning industry in China.

What do you consider whilst you think of a Chinese classroom? Strict academics? Rigid coursework? A heavy examine time table? English is a 2nd language for lots faculty in China so you’ll get opportunities to enlarge your communications abilities whilst speaking to them. In China, students are anticipated to stick to their timetable and attend each lecture. Good manners are crucial and it’s conventional to elevate your hand to answer questions – one benefit of this is that teachers in no way randomly ask you something! However, professors moreover promote and avidly participate in school room discussions. A lot of training has been introduced the usage of PowerPoint presentations. The overseas college students may be very diverse in China and students come from many unique cultures. It actually opens your thoughts. Textbooks are especially reasonably-priced in China, which means that you don’t need to go over your finances to buy them. Just like in India, the main focus is put on an overall performance in the final exams in China.

Chinese history has been blessed with medicines and phenomenal healthcare treatments. Herbal medicines, food remedies, acupuncture, acupressure and traditional Chinese medical massage have now developed into a hybrid treatment after blending with modern-day medicine imported from the western world. China has turned out to be the main appeal for global students who’re interested in pursuing an education in distinctive disciplines in China. Medical Science is also a specialised line of schooling that is in the excessive call for global aspirants as China proffers high teaching standards, thorough learning and eminent career opportunities after MBBS. Many Indian students seek admission for pursuing MBBS in China. The MBBS application process in China is convenient. However, right guidance at every step during admission is essential. Our skilled counsellors deliver free guidance and other assistance required to study MBBS in China.

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS in China is easy to understand and agreeable for Indian students. The Indian student from general category must have obtained 70% marks in the 12th year of schooling. Students belonging reserved category are eligible to study MBBS in Chinese colleges if they have attained an average of 60% marks in the 12th standard examination. Minimum and maximum age to apply in any renowned Chinese college are 17 years and 25 Years respectively.

Language partners and classmates make terrific friends. You additionally need to make a few Chinese friends as well; they will be a more help to you in exploring the city and knowing the culture. Conversing with your Chinese friend also helps you to practice your Chinese for a more pleasing stay in China. Once you have friends and time, you have lots of things to do in China. No matter whether you are an art lover or a nature freak, China has ample of activities to offer to Indian students. Sporting activities, college competitions or trips to museums and conventional centres, an international student can never feel bored in China. Another way to experience Chinese tradition is to be right here on the New Year festivals. It celebration lasts for around 15-days, and the fireworks that go off, make you feel like you’re in a war sector, is likewise magical. The skies light up, youngsters delightfully roam around and taste a variety of cuisine including yours, and also you get a sense of the way community-orientated China remains in the midst of its modernization.

If you want to earn some money when pursuing MBBS in China, then English is your most valuable skill. English teaching jobs are in high demand here that pays you good money. If you are an experienced teacher, then your chances of earning up to 200 Renminbi per hour are bright. However, many inhabitants just want to English speaking skills only as many Chinese schools are already emphasising on reading and writing over speaking and listening. Moreover, if you are also good in some other subjects, you can teach them to the kids here on a weekly or monthly salary basis.

MBBS in China for Indian students is a great choice considering the simple admission procedure and low costs involved. China is a prime choice among Indian students who are unable to clear entrance exams for medical courses in India. Instead of opting for private medical colleges which can be in fact very expensive, choosing Chinese medical colleges will be wise. That way, students will get exposure to a global environment of studying without spending their life savings. China is among the two most powerful and advanced nations of the world. Needless to say, education is given great importance here and fields like medicine get focus. Infrastructural development is noteworthy which is why students of medicine in China are able to avail the benefits of top practical classes.

The Chinese government keeps a high budget for medical research which means that the MBBS colleges of China and such universities also get a scope to keep their systems upgraded. The government also keeps a look on the standard of education being imparted thus ensuring a uniform one throughout. No wonder then that more than 10,000 Indian students visit China every year to study medicine. They can pursue their course in English as the medium of instruction remains English for all courses which permit international students. All teachers are used to dealing with international students and thus help them with their studies. MBBS in China involves a fast and smooth admission process without any donations or admission tests. All students need to do is apply and get VISA from the embassy.

Some of the leading medical colleges in China include Anhui Medical University, China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, Wenzhou Medical College, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xinjiang Medical University, Zhejiang University, Beihua University, Hebei Medical University, Jiamusi University, Qingdao University, Sun Yat-sen University and Zhenzhou University. The average tuition fee in these MBBS colleges of China ranges between 25000 and 50000 per month. They are all equipped with modern facilities in their hostels to ensure complete comfort of international students. Besides providing good education and a comfortable students life, these colleges of China are also WHO approved and rank well in all other globally recognized lists of medical colleges.

Regular interaction with guests and well known specialists in the field of medicine make China a wonderful place to study in. Being the strongest economy of the world right now, its social and economical condition can also be banked upon. This in turn means that the country is likely to develop further assisting international students to find all kinds of aid and facilities at their disposal. MBBS in China is a good decision from all angles. Students must consider it as an option and an important one when looking at choices for studying MBBS abroad. Take a look at our site for further information on studying medicine in China. We provide complete assistance for all aspects of getting admission into international medical colleges.

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UNIVERSITIES WORLD RANKING Total Package (for 5 years) Includes Accomodation + Tuition fees + Registration fees (INR) TOTAL PACKAGE IN USD RATING
MBBS in China medical University 7012 24,10,000 37078
MBBS in Jilin Medical University 1000 17,75,000 27308
MBBS in Qingdao University 3041 19,60,000 30154
MBBS in Xi’an Jiaotong University 599 24,25,000 3708
MBBS in Dalian Medical University 4326 24,25,000 37308
MBBS in Zhejiang University 247 22,65,000 34847
MBBS in Zhengzhou University 1576 20,25,000 31154
MBBS in Beihau University 5309 16,75,000 25770
MBBS in Wenzhou Medical University 4432 17,25,000 26539
MBBS in Hebei University 4374 18,15,000 27924
MBBS in Sun Yat sen University 568 30,10,000 46308
MBBS in Jiamusi University 7147 14,90,000 22924
MBBS in Anhui Medical University 3820 17,25,000 26539
MBBS in Huazhong University of Science and technology 572 26,90,000 41385
MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University 5701 17,65,000 27154

MBBS in China for Indian Students, MBBS in China for Indian Students. Admission Open. Study MBBS in China in Top MCI Approved MBBS Universities in China. MBBS in China in Low Fees is an excellent opportunity for those MBBS Aspirants who are willing to become a successful doctor but not got admissions in Indian Medical Colleges or are not able to afford the expensive medical education in private colleges of India. Admissions are open for Medical Universities of China.These institutions are approved by eminent bodies like World Health Organization and Medical Council of India so if you are looking for Consultants for MBBS in China then call us right now. We will guide you how to become a successful doctor and live life with a great future. Everyone is aware of the technology, research and development that is there in China in every sector including medical as well. The infrastructure, modern classrooms, high-tech labs and what not, this country has everything that an ideal student requires when he / she wishes to have best education in medicine. Every year thousands of Indian Students go China for the Medical Education there and when they complete their studies majority of them get settled abroad. This country has become the hub of medical education globally because of excellent standards of education but at a very economical cost. MBBS Fees in China is very nominal and cost of living is very much affordable so people from many from different parts of world come to study in China.

  • MBBS in China is no doubt one of the best courses a medical aspirant can go for because of the facilities and opportunities available in the country. When Russia, Ukraine or Philippines is compared, China comes out to the best of them.
  • Medical Education in China is quite safe for female students as law and order in China is far better than these three countries.
  • Since China is the largest exporter of the world, English has become much more popular language as compared to Russia and Ukraine
  • Cost of education (tuition fee) and cost of living reduced to almost 50 % when compared MBBS in European countries.
  • Chinese Medical Education renowned globally where as other three countries has no such recognition globally which makes China the best option
  • Medical Students from China are more likely to clear MCI screening test as compared to these three countries in comparison.

Studying medicine in China is very much affordable and easy as the admission process and fee is reasonable. By taking help of Consultants for MBBS in China, one can easily apply for top medical universities in China.

  • Submit online the duly filled application form of respective university
  • Submit the copies of all the required documents like
    1. School Leaving Certificate
    2. 10th and 12th Passing Certificate
  • Once admission letter from the university is received immigration process starts
  • Student has to visit Chinese Embassy in Delhi with invitation letter
  • On the base of invitation letter, visa application is processed
  • Some important documents to check before applying for visa
    1. A Valid Passport
    2. Completely filled VISA Application forms
    3. Two passport size photographs
    4. Copy your admission letter / invitation letter
    5. Medical certificate of fitness

We assist you through entire process right from the counseling & application process to your settlement in China. Here at the steps, where we provide complete assistance and support.

  • Applying on the behalf of the students in relevant medical university
  • Getting admission letter from the university
  • Visa application process and payment of the fees in embassy
  • Booking your tickets from Delhi to China
  • Arranging airport transfer from China to the university
  • Welcome from the Indian Students there in China
  • Providing safe and secure accommodation in China
  • Complete arrangement of Indian food in China
Mbbs in China


China is one of the leading Medical Education Hub in the world as thousands of international students come to study MBBS in China. 49 Medical Schools of China are there who accept enrollments from international students.

Mbbs admission in china

Medical Industry

China has given significant contribution to medical industry and the country has much fame for its excellent medical facilities. Medical Tourism in China is growing exponentially with great demand globally.

study Mbbs in china

Jobs in China

When it comes to job in Medical Industry in China, there are number of opportunities for the deserving candidates. Jobs in this sector is growing heavily and this is reason China is immigrating international doctors.

Mbbs in china

Indian Students

China is of the most preferred destination for Indian Students who are medical aspirants and wants to make a great career in medicine world. Number of international students are increasing by 20 % annually year on year.

If you want confirm MBBS admission in China then you can directly call us on : 7645038855, 7903335676

MBBS in China

  1. Direct Admission, No Entrance, No Donation for MBBS in China
  2. Low-cost Tuition Fee
  3. Easy Admission Procedure
  4. MCI, WHO approved medical Universities in China
  5. Low Living-cost
  6. Diverse Lifestyle
  7. English Medium Studies
  8. Hostel with World Class Facilities
  9. Earn During Learning
  10. Great Career Anywhere after MBBS in China
  1. MBBS in Jilin University
  2. MBBS in China Medical University
  3. MBBS in Dalian Medical University
  4. MBBS in Capital Medical University
  5. MBBS in Tianjin Medical University
  6. MBBS in Shandong Medical University
  7. MBBS in Fudan University
  8. MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University
  9. MBBS in Nanjing Medical University
  10. MBBS in Jiangsu University
  11. MBBS in Wenzhou Medical University
  12. MBBS in Zhejiang University
  13. MBBS in Wuhan University
  14. MBBS in Huazhong University of Science & Technology
  15. MBBS in Xi’an Jiaotong University
  16. MBBS in Southern Medical University
  17. MBBS in Jinan University
  18. MBBS in Guangxi Medical University
  19. MBBS in Sichuan University
  20. MBBS in Chongqing Medical University
  21. MBBS in Harbin Medical Science University
  22. MBBS in Beihua University
  23. MBBS in Liaoning Medical University
  24. MBBS in Qingdao University
  25. MBBS in Hebei Medical University
  26. MBBS in Ningxia Medical University
  27. MBBS in Tongji University
  28. MBBS in Shihezi University
  29. MBBS in Southeast University
  30. MBBS in Yangzhou University
  31. MBBS in Nantong University
  32. MBBS in Suzhou University
  33. MBBS in Ningbo University
  34. MBBS in Fujian Medical University
  35. MBBS in Anhui Medical University
  36. MBBS in Xuzhou Medical University
  37. MBBS in China Three Gorges University
  38. MBBS in Zhengzhou University
  39. MBBS in Guangzhou Medical University
  40. MBBS in Zhongnan University
  41. MBBS in Shantou University
  42. MBBS in Kunming Medical University
  43. MBBS in North Sichuan Medical University
  44. MBBS in Southwest Medical University
  45. MBBS in Xiamen University
  46. MBBS in Peking Union Medical College
  47. MBBS in Peking Univesity
  48. MBBS in Capital Beijing University
  49. MBBS in Academy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine
  50. MBBS in Renmin University of China
  51. MBBS in School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical University, Beijing
  52. MBBS in Tsinghua University
  53. MBBS in Beijing Medical College
  54. MBBS in Beijing School of Medicine
  55. MBBS in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  56. MBBS in Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopaedics
  57. MBBS in Beijing Second Medical College
  58. MBBS in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
  59. MBBS in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  60. MBBS in Tianjin University
  61. MBBS in Tianjin Normal University
  62. MBBS in Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  63. MBBS in Clinical Medical College of Tianjin Medical University
  64. MBBS in Tianjin Medical College
  65. MBBS in Nankai University
  66. MBBS in Chengde Medical University
  67. MBBS in Clinical College of Hebei Medical University
  68. MBBS in Hebei University of Chinese Medicine
  69. MBBS in Xingtai Medical College
  70. MBBS in Cangzhou Medical College
  71. MBBS in Shijiazhuang Medical College
  72. MBBS in Shijiazhuang People’s Medical College
  73. MBBS in Hebei North University Faculty of Medicine
  74. MBBS in Hebei University of Engineering School of Medicine
  75. MBBS in Yanshan University
  76. MBBS in Hebei University of Science & Technology
  77. MBBS in Chengde Nursing Vocational College
  78. MBBS in Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan
  79. MBBS in Shanxi University
  80. MBBS in Changzhi Medical College
  81. MBBS in Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  82. MBBS in Jinci College of Shanxi Medical University
  83. MBBS in Shanxi Pharmaceutical College
  84. MBBS in Inner Mongolia Medical University
  85. MBBS in Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities
  86. MBBS in Wulanchabu Medical College
  87. MBBS in Liaoning University
  88. MBBS in Liaoning normal University
  89. MBBS in Jinzhou Medical College
  90. MBBS in Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  91. MBBS in Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
  92. MBBS in Shenyang Normal University
  93. MBBS in Shenyang Medical College
  94. MBBS in Zhongshang College of Dalian Medical University
  95. MBBS in Jianzhou Medical University
  96. MBBS in Xingling College of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  97. MBBS in Lioning Medical Vocational College
  98. MBBS in North Eastern University
  99. MBBS in Bohai University
  100. MBBS in Anshan Normal University
  101. MBBS in Tieling Health College
  102. MBBS in Changchun University of Chinese Medicine
  103. MBBS in Jilin Medical College
  104. MBBS in Jilin Medical University
  105. MBBS in Changchun Medical College
  106. MBBS in Beihua University Faculty of Medicine
  107. MBBS in Yanbian University
  108. MBBS in Baicheng Medical Science Junior College
  109. MBBS in Heilongjian University of Chinese Medicine
  110. MBBS in Heilongjian University
  111. MBBS in Mudanjiang Medical University
  112. MBBS in Jiamusi University
  113. MBBS in Qiqihar Medical University
  114. MBBS in Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences
  115. MBBS in Shanghai University
  116. MBBS in Shanghai Normal University
  117. MBBS in Donghua University
  118. MBBS in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  119. MBBS in Shanghai Jiao tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai
  120. MBBS in Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai
  121. MBBS in Jiangnan University
  122. MBBS in Xuzhou Normal University
  123. MBBS in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
  124. MBBS in China Pharmaceutical University
  125. MBBS in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Hanlin College
  126. MBBS in Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University
  127. MBBS in Zhenjiang University
  128. MBBS in Zhenjiang Chinese Medical University
  129. MBBS in Zhenjiang Normal University
  130. MBBS in Jiangsu University School of Medicine
  131. MBBS in Wenzhou University
  132. MBBS in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
  133. MBBS in Hangzhou Medical College
  134. MBBS in Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou
  135. MBBS in Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College
  136. MBBS in Hangzhou School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal Univesity
  137. MBBS in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou Province
  138. MBBS in Bengbu Medical College
  139. MBBS in Wannan Medical College
  140. MBBS in Anhui University of Chinese Medicine
  141. MBBS in Anhui College of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  142. MBBS in Anhui University
  143. MBBS in Anhui Normal University
  144. MBBS in Anhui Medical College
  145. MBBS in Anhui University of Science and Technology College of Medicine
  146. MBBS in Anqing Medical College
  147. MBBS in Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  148. MBBS in Xiamen Medical College
  149. MBBS in Huaqiao University
  150. MBBS in Quanzhou Medical College
  151. MBBS in Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  152. MBBS in South Jiangxi Medical College
  153. MBBS in Medical College of Nanchang University
  154. MBBS in Nanchang University
  155. MBBS in Jinggangshan University
  156. MBBS in Gannan Medical University
  157. MBBS in Jiangxi Medical College
  158. MBBS in Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Junior College
  159. MBBS in Jiujiang University
  160. MBBS in Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  161. MBBS in Weifang Medical University
  162. MBBS in Taishan Medical University
  163. MBBS in Binzhou Medical University
  164. MBBS in Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  165. MBBS in Jining Medical University
  166. MBBS in Shandong Wanjie Medical College
  167. MBBS in Shandong Medical College
  168. MBBS in Heze Medical College
  169. MBBS in Shandong University
  170. MBBS in Shandong Normal University
  171. MBBS in Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  172. MBBS in Henan University of TCM
  173. MBBS in Henan University
  174. MBBS in Luoyang School of Medicine
  175. MBBS in Medical College of Henan University of Science and Technology
  176. MBBS in Xinxiang Medical University
  177. MBBS in Sanquan College of Xinxiang Medical University
  178. MBBS in Luohe Medical College
  179. MBBS in Nanyang Medical College
  180. MBBS in Shangqiu Medical College
  181. MBBS in Huanghe Science and Technology College
  182. MBBS in Henan Medical College
  183. MBBS in Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
  184. MBBS in Jianghan University School of Medicine
  185. MBBS in Hubei University of Medicine
  186. MBBS in Hubei Polytechnic University School of Medicine
  187. MBBS in Hubei University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine
  188. MBBS in Three Gorges University
  189. MBBS in Wuhan University School of Medicine, Wuan
  190. MBBS in Central China Normal University
  191. MBBS in Institute of Medicine and Nursing, Hubei University of Medicine
  192. MBBS in Hubei College of Chinese Medicine
  193. MBBS in Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College
  194. MBBS in Changsha Medical University
  195. MBBS in Shaoyang Medical College
  196. MBBS in Hunan Medical University
  197. MBBS in Central South University
  198. MBBS in University of South China
  199. MBBS in Hunan Normal University College of Medicine
  200. MBBS in Xiangtan University
  201. MBBS in Yiyang Medical College
  202. MBBS in Zhongshan (sunyat-sen) University
  203. MBBS in South China Agricultural University
  204. MBBS in Guangzhou University
  205. MBBS in Guangdong Medical College
  206. MBBS in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  207. MBBS in Guangdong Provincial Cardiovascular Institute
  208. MBBS in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
  209. MBBS in Zhaoqing Medical College
  210. MBBS in Jinan University School of Medicine
  211. MBBS in South China Normal University
  212. MBBS in Guangxi University
  213. MBBS in Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities
  214. MBBS in Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
  215. MBBS in Guilin Medical University
  216. MBBS in Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University
  217. MBBS in Guangxi Medical College
  218. MBBS in Hainan Medical University
  219. MBBS in Hainan University
  220. MBBS in Chongqing University
  221. MBBS in Southwest University
  222. MBBS in Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College
  223. MBBS in Luzhou Medical College
  224. MBBS in Chengdu University of TCM
  225. MBBS in Chengdu Medical College
  226. MBBS in Chengdu Institute of Physical Education
  227. MBBS in Siachuan Medical University
  228. MBBS in China West Normal University
  229. MBBS in Siachuan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  230. MBBS in Guiyang Medical University
  231. MBBS in Guizhou Medical University
  232. MBBS in Zunyi Medical University
  233. MBBS in Zunyi Medical Science and Technology College
  234. MBBS in Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  235. MBBS in Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities
  236. MBBS in Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College
  237. MBBS in Guizhou University
  238. MBBS in Bijie Medical College
  239. MBBS in Yunnan Normal University
  240. MBBS in Yunnan University
  241. MBBS in Dali University
  242. MBBS in Chuxiong Medical College
  243. MBBS in Yunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  244. MBBS in Haiyuan Institute of Kunming Medical University
  245. MBBS in Baoshan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  246. MBBS in Tibetan Traditional Medical College
  247. MBBS in Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
  248. MBBS in Xi’an Medical University
  249. MBBS in Fourth Military Medical University
  250. MBBS in Changan University
  251. MBBS in Northwest University
  252. MBBS in Xian Jiaotong University College of Medicine, Xi’an
  253. MBBS in Xi’an Medical College
  254. MBBS in Pingliang Medical College
  255. MBBS in Gansu University of Chinese Medicine
  256. MBBS in Lanzhou University
  257. MBBS in Xinjang Medical University, Urumqi
  258. MBBS in Xinjang Uighur Medical Training College
  259. MBBS in Shenzhen University

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